Free Xojo Web Plugin: teccCheckbox

YAF (yet another freeware). Own checkbox class for Xojo Web 2.


Hi Jeannot

To be able to programmatically change the value of the checkbox, and get the drawing check mark displayed, I had to subclass the class and add:

Sub teccCheckboxClick() Handles teccCheckboxClick
End Sub

Nothing really big, just it could be more comfortable to add that inside the encrypted class.



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Thank you, Jeannot.

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Well spotted, I will fix it asap.

Hi Gustavo,

thank you for testing. You are absolutely right, I want to keep the plugins with the lowest possible footprint, but not updating a dirty control is just wrong :wink: and if someone is really changing a value, the control has to update anyways, so it is worth triggering this in the plugin (and or not outside).

Version 2 of the control should now fix this issue, please double-check and report back. I added a toggle button for the checkbox in the demo as well. Seems to be working to me.

On a side note: thank you very much for your coffee! Very much appreciated.

Warning: I made a mistake when I updated, there was apparently one user who downloaded a wrong version. The correct version 2 can be recognised as it has a “Note” in the App, stating that the plugin is version 2 (the wrong version 2 is missing that). This final upload of version 2 was around 1h05 pm CEST. Apologies, but I didn’t want now to again recompile all 3 versions.

Edit: To better show (future) releases and changes, I created an own page with an overview:


There was a major issue with version 2, and now corrected in version 3.

The changes from the v2 update had unfortunately a side-effect. The settings in the IDE magically disappeared. This has been corrected right now. Changing a property to a compute property obviously needs to update all properties in the IDE control, who would have thought that :frowning:

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