Free trials and in-app purchases in the Windows Store

I exchanged with my Microsoft rep about having a demo app in addition to the regular app. Here is his reply :

[quote]I have been working to get an answer on this from the Store team approvers for about a week. The approvers have asked that for application which have been converted using the “Desktop Application Converter” (DAC) implement the free trial within the application. They have decided not to allow two application version.

This link should show you how to set this up.

I studied carefully the link above, but I am afraid it is going over my head. I know fairly well how to implement WinAPI declares, but this is mainly C# and I do not see clearly what is asked of us.

It would be great if Christian could create a plugin from that, akin to what he has done for the MAS.

Sure. If someone finds the C++ headers for the store classes, I can maybe make a plugin.

Why do you need a demo version of your app when you can have a 7 day free trial on the Windows Store?

Precisely, free trials don’t come without the extra code.

Did anyone ever figure out in app purchases in Windows Store with Xojo app?

Not me.

Here is some info to the header files required for plugin development @Christian Schmitz

Yes this would be a great addition to Monkeybread plugins. Thanks for the link.

I could put it on the wish list…

We continue with new classes here:

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