Free Raspberry Pis (UK)

I’ve a couple of old Raspberry Pi Model Bs going free to UK people - one might be the original 256MB model and one is the 512MB model. There may be a third coming soon, a B+. They’ve been retired from their current roles, having been replaced with Pi 2s so if anyone wants one for the cost of the postage, just PM me.

It’s probably not worth sending outside the UK - the shipping cost would probably come close to the cost of a Pi 2 purchased in your region. But if you’re a UK/Ireland Xojo dev who hasn’t played with this Pi thing yet, let me know and I’ll post one out to you.

What have you been using them for?

These ones have been used for home automation, mostly an alarm system (motion detection with a 2 dollar sensor) but I had other stuff bolted on for temperature monitoring, power socket control and one had the Pi camera onboard too. This was just for my own use, but ultimately I would like to produce a full commercial home automation system. Of course, lots of people are already in this field but I’ve an idea or two for unique selling points. Xojo will hopefully help, we’ll see what its initial abilities are. If any Xojo engineers are reading, accessing the GPIO pins is essential - if we can’t do this from Xojo apps, you’re missing the point of the Pi.

I’ve used a few Pis in various projects for clients: a couple use them for presentations in their reception area (one plays a video on loop, one loads HTML pages on a timer), another uses it as a little file server for their office. I’d like to use more of them commercially as they’re so cheap and versatile and, again, I think Xojo will help me here.

Are you running linux on the pi or one of the other available OSes ?
Looks like you should be able to get at the GPIO using sysfs but there are obviously other api’s as well.
We’ll get there :slight_smile:

I usually use Raspbian in projects, good hardware support and the de facto Pi standard. My personal favorite OS on the Pi is RISC OS, the actual original ARM chip operating system. My first ever computer was an Acorn who went on to make RISC OS, which is still developed today, and increasingly so. Most people have forgotten that the A of ARM originally stood for Acorn.

[quote=188492:@Norman Palardy]Looks like you should be able to get at the GPIO using sysfs but there are obviously other api’s as well.
We’ll get there :)[/quote] :slight_smile:

Since you can access sysfs on Raspbian you could use that initially (its not perfect I know)

How much is the postage to London?

its not just GPIO, its the SPI stuff as well, very important for temperature monitoring and all sorts of other environmental monitoring stuff.