FREE Pro Git eBook on Amazon today

In English

Might only be on the German store but feel free to try your luck

Here’s the English version

and for UK

[quote=389098:@JosMaraTerryJimnez]And for Spain[/quote]

Note this book is free in electronic format:

Thats what eBook usually means. [rolling eyes]

I think between the language barrier, Jos was trying to say that’s where you can get it for free all the time.


Ah, I see. The author also put it up on Git …

I thought José was pointing out that the eBook is free, not the printed version. My apologies to José.

Hopefully has has a warning about making sure that your system clocks are all synced and correct (see my Arbed post …)

aqui esta la version gratuita (creo que para siempre) en espaol–>
se puede leer online o descargar gratis en varios formatos, entre ellos pdf

Thanks for sharing @Markus Winter.

Thought I’ve read this before … ah … seems I own the nice pdf version of this book allready. Not allowed to share of course.

No need to share, Joost. :wink:
The pdf can be downloaded too from the link Jos gave in one of the previous messages.