Free License

How do I get a free full license from Xojo departments with consultants?

The only license type that is free is Raspberry Pi which you can pick up in the Store:

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I’m not really sure what you mean, but if you are working for someone who has a licence they can assign you temporary access using the “Assign a licence” feature at the bottom of


Hi Jâvan,

If you’re referring to the “free” license mentioned by @Chris_Verberne in that other thread, where he said “…You can use the free version to see if Xojo is for you. Just develop your software idea with the free version. When you have a working version and it is time to build, buy a license…”

What they mean is that anyone can download and use Xojo without a license, to learn Xojo and create applications. When you use Xojo without a license (a.k.a. “free”) you can only run your projects in “debug” mode, from the IDE.

But once you want to deploy or distribute your project as a stand-alone application, then you have to do a “build” in the IDE. But to “build” a stand-alone application in Xojo requires a purchased license.

I hope that clarifies things more for you.


This isn’t quite true. To build for Raspberry Pi does require a licence but that licence is free.