Free Bulk Email Xojo app

I have updated my Bulk Email app in a major way with many new ideas:

  1. it is free to download and use
  2. it makes money only through subscriptions (1+ year free trial) and template sales (still building them!)
  3. it is fully based on PagePanels
  4. it uses lots of CURLMBS and SQLDatabaseMBS
  5. the web version uses PayPal (HTMLViewer inside the app! It knows when the purchase has been successful), while the MAS and Windows Store versions will use their own InApp purchases (yet to submit)
  6. it uses HTMLViewers for help text fields
  7. it remembers the screen and position between launches
  8. it uses a WYSIWYG email designer, placeholders, variables, etc
  9. it stores files on the web site using SFTP
  10. it uses a WebApp on the server to collect email click links and events
  11. I have aimed for a web-like design model
  12. I am experimenting with supporting both 32 and 64-bit apps on the web site and via UpdaterMBS (macOS 64-bit only)

While it has a few bugs, please feel free to download and try it (macOS, Windows and Linux).

I am happy to answer any Xojo-related questions while I get it ready for final release. It might be useful for your own personalise direct marketing.

Does it have any methods of avoiding blacklisting?

I wrote a simpler such app a few years back and emailed my customer base with details of a free update.
Then got blacklisted as a spammer by some ISPs
Took me a while to recover, which is why I don’t use bulk emails today…

Totally, you place the limits of your ISP into the app e.g. XXX emails per hour or YYY contact per email and it will both limit the sending to be contained by these limits and limit the contacts to that many per email. It can also set a delay (e.g. 5 secs) between each email since I read Gmail flags if too many emails are sent too quickly.

It is not designed to compete with MailChimp, but uses your ISP and places no watermarks on your emails.

Absolutely ginormous header. The text from the features list is blurry. Is this an image?

I’d love to bypass Mailchimp. But if the app uses the ISP then the mails will get blacklisted sooner rather than later if the volume is more than tiny.

The header is generated by CURLMBS, except I can add the Read Receipts if selected.

Yes, I need to remove or fix the features since they are screen grabs from Numbers.

The aim has always been to provide a tool where you send hundreds, not thousands, of personalised emails, or have time to set aside a computer to pump them out slowly overnight. I check the emails first and warn of issues they may face.

Sorry, I meant the header on the website.

Sending large amounts of mails with your ISP: this will be blocked. Really.

App isn’t signed.
App tries to connect to a couple of websites on startup. When blocking the connection with LittleSnitch nothing happens anymore.
I’m reading the help and get reminded to do a campaign.
All buttons in the help go to the same page with a bit too much text.
Closing the help closes the app. Oh, that’s not a help/screenshot but the actual “create a campaign window”.
How do I edit the mail? I can see the preview but what do I do before?

I used to sign and sandbox my desktop apps (via AppWrapper) for web distribution, but it breaks UpdaterMBS.

Thank you for the feedback re choosing a campaign.

The user has a random account automatically created to: store up to 500 K of files for embedding as email links, and registering email events such as button clicks, email opened, view images, download documents, etc.

Do others close the app when the last/main window is closed (and document saved)? I thought this was preferred.

In the Designer window you can load an email template, paste in some HTML or just build your own.