free add-ons/sample code (for beginners I think)


I’ve been developing in Xojo for some years and I thought I could release
some stuff I have flying around on my HD. Some are more interesting some are less I think
and for some I’ve been asked for to release. Since I code on MacOS, most code is not
optimized for windows.

The projects tackle different problems I’ve solved hopefully and I hope
my sample code may encourage more people developing in Xojo and releasing
their projects. I not a professional programmer so don’t blame me for bugs or the code.

Anyway, enjoy. :slight_smile:

(in order to compile & run use the latest Xojo2014 version)

1. TextScoll
2. Switch
3. HelpControl
4. ScrollingStatusBar
5. ScopeBar2D
6. ProgressBar

Thanks Rob.

Very nice! Not only for beginners.

another one for more advanced users using delegates and containers.

Very nice Rob, thank you.