Framework DDL

Hi All - I’ve been running RB2007R4 on my mac for years and finally decided it was time for an upgrade. Specifically, I was building apps on my mac for both the mac and windows platform and was running into alot of issues.

Anyway, I attempted to compile the source code of an old program (this time doing to compilation on windows) and it runs fine on the windows machine that I compiled it on but when I copy it to another windows machine I get an error “Failed to load Framework DDL”.

Anyone know how I can work around this?

Possibly Framework.DLL ?
Sounds like all the required libraries were not copied over

excuse me - yes, framework.dll

I thought the built application should work in a stand-alone fashion?

RealStudio/Xojo dropped the single-file-executable feature in RB2008r2.

Got it - I didn’t realize that a separate dll folder was created with xojo applications now. My mistake. I’m still having my same original problem though. Which is that the program, which runs fine on my apple and windows machines, is opening on a friend’s windows laptop but the window is larger than the screen and the text is too big for the editfields.

Thanks andrew