(FR-US) Comment générer une image png @2x?

Comment générer une image png (ou une icone) @2x à partir d’une image @1x de 32x32 pixels ? Quel outil utilsez-vous ?
D’avance, merci.

How to generate a png image (or icon) @2x from an image @1x 32x32 pixels? What tool do you use?
Thanks in advance.

The correct answer is you can’t. Not and have it look good anyway. It will tend to look blocky or blurry.

The better options is to start large and work down. macOS for example uses 1024x1024 pixels.

Your tool is Mac only and I think you also use MBS, correct?

If yes to both, you can use line icons and NSImageMBS to create a more modern macOS toolbar.

Since I moved to PDF the icons have become much less work. Xojo handles a large part of the work itself. For the toolbars NSImageMBS is needed.