FPS game example

Just out of interest, are there any example projects for an FPS? It would be a nice challange to make one. How could you make the mouse cursor constantly move to the centre so you can calculate the rotations of the camera.



i dont know if there are some FPS ex… but maybe is this interesting for you… christian s. wrote a class for Games named GameKit…

Check this:


GameKit is just for Apple’s service to connect players and record scores. Not an actual game engine.

for a First Person Shooter, maybe you better check unity3d: http://unity3d.com

This is a way too :)… i programm in my free time games… i worked bevor too with unity… its realy easy to learn… and a good option for MacGames…

with the time my claims go higher… now i work with CryEngine (its simply the best Engine for Shooter) and Windows… but for beginners and mac devs its a powerfull and easy GameEngine…

Many many years ago, Joe from RS made a FPS, you can get the back issue on http://www.rbdeveloper.com.

You might want to avoid Frostbite 3 for the time being - it seems to crash everything it touches… Although I do think it’s just dice. Criterion don’t seem to have these issues with it.