FPDF with image

Someone has already tried to create a pdf in a web application that contains an image (jpg or png) with fpdf?
Please who can help me? I did not succeed …
I have to use it in a web standalone app.


Hey, that is a great utility. A lot less easy than DynaPDF , though.

I have been to their site. Have you tried Image Image

Otherwise I am sure someone can help in the fpdf forums.

EDIT : Sometimes, the same topic comes up in different threads. A great product has been mentioned PDFCreator :

It is a virtual printer that you print to. It maybe easier to print a web page than to program each element printing.

Thanks Michel.
But I’ve already used fpdf (Xojo class porting from github roblthegreat/rsfpdf) and I don’t have problem with text pdf creation but if I try to use image property than when I run the project there a error like this “this is not a valid jpeg” or “this is not a valid png”.
I’ve tried a lot of image files (both jpg and png).

I’ve done it: pdf.image(app.imagesDir + “CircleCalcLogo.jpg”,x,y,213.29,27.29) where the app.imagesDir is where the jpg is located, x and y are the left and top of the image and 213.29 and 27.29 are the dimensions of the image in the pdf.

.png doesn’t work.

Thanks John, I’ll try soon…