FP Plugin error Apple App Store workaround XOJO release 3

My app was rejected from the Apple App Store, with a Plugin error.

Re-compiled it with the previous Xojo release 2 and re-submitted - Apple App Store accepted!

Really hope the FP plugin or Xojo will be updated to work properly, since it took me more than 6 months to update my app using the FP Plugin!

The most accurate Measurement Converter on the planet (up to 100.000 digits) is now available here: ‎Converter on the Mac App Store

Thanks to Xojo and big thanks to Bob Delaney for the plugin!

I love Xojo!!!


PS: Windows and Linux versions also available…

Are you sure you build the app as universal app?

Because it misses Apple Silicon code, but has Intel only.

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100 % YES!

Used AppWrapper as usual and I did not untick the ARM box…

You need to switch to use the Einhugur Fork of the fp Plugin. The other one has no valid ARM segment.

Links bellow:

Einhugur Software - Open source projects


oh thanks!!!

Xojo really needs to update:

Products — Xojo documentation

I sent them the info long time ago, but nothing was updated.

We will continue to see users getting fails because their not using something that works on current systems.

Yes, that would be nice… But usually when in trouble, I find help on this forum - so no complains on my side. Xojo is a huge app and they have priorities, not easy to keep all going at the same time…