[found someone]Paid Job: simple database application customer-projects db

Hi there all! Who can help me? Don’t know if i can ask here.

I need a simple database application for a simple application as a paid job.

Here is a better overview

-Customer data tab.
-some fields

-under the customer is project details (n)
-project details (n) per project
some fields (i have a screenshot of this)
-Server settings (n) per project
some fields (i have a screenshot of this)
So basically i need 3 entities, customer, project and server[/b]

I have screenshots of this application and already a a basis as a example but anyone can start over.

Who would like to help me out? Contact me and i can send the details. This database example is not much bigger than the example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut9bMJWXb_M
just other fields. But I think someone can do this much faster than me. Looking for a trust worthy developer and maybe also for future long term development.

Let me know who can help me out!

I can do that, if you don’t care the developper not being in your country…
you can send more informations if you want with private email
and the price you intend to pay for this job.
best regards,

I can do that job for you in a week time. Payment after the job is done. If so contact me at sunil_ssa@yahoo.com or PM with the details.

Hi all I am sorry someone had responded already so I have to say thanks too all!!! it is great having this support from the community!