Forum thread following a coding project?

Dear All,

Do people on the forum do “project” threads that follow the coder during the project? In other words, if I had a project called “Hobby Trains Controller”*, could I start a thread where folks sort of follow along during the process until hopefully the successful end.

Would that kind of thread be fun or useful?

If I decided to post that kind of thread, what category would I post it under.

Thank you for your input.




What do you contemplate posting into the thread?

It is uncommon but there are a couple. Yest, ic could be useful, it is related to the tool so, the General category sounds ok

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General if you would like it visible to guests, Off-Topic if you would like to only make it available to readers who are signed in with their Xojo account.

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Many hardware-oriented forums have “Build Log” type posts where people describe in detail their design and build process for a particular project. I wouldn’t mind seeing the software equivalent here, as I often find other people’s coding practices interesting and educational.

Wouldn’t “Code Sharing” be the most appropriate category?


:man_shrugging: I imagined it would be more than just “Here’s some code and what it means.”

It doesn’t really matter too much around this forum unless it’s in a blatantly wrong category.

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Of course you could, that would be great. I can’t think of too many threads like that on here, but I’m sure it would be interesting.

I agree with others, General would probably be fine for this kind of thing.

Go for it!

Maybe a blog post is a better fit?

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Blog is not interactive (if I understand correctly the OP).

Usually, people ask a question per thread. But it is OK (for me) to use a single thread for questions related to a project.

Blogs frequently have comment threads.

I like the blog idea a lot better. It’s a more obvious fit than forum post(s).

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A blog is a good idea. Two problems that I see are:

  1. Comments/criticisms wouldn’t show up here in the forum.
  2. Problems I run into that you all help me with would end up outside the blog.

I have liked doing ‘build’ threads for things like machining steam engines, which is fairly easy to do. For coding, I am not sure how or if possible. Coding just doesn’t conform to a logical narrative structure, except when it does.


Yoiu could have one thread for reporting general progress and perhaps about design decisions around major chunks of the app. IOW, things with a broader scope. And then a number of threads about more localised issues .

So while the project goes on, and your posts keep going how would that even be possible to follow the thread? I guess a webinar is the best way, just longer let’s say a webinar of 4-days each day doing 1 hour of the project (summarize) and then a companion blog post.