Forum: the two conversations idea !

While I was writting my previous post (Retina and Xojo 2014r3.1), I had a strange idea:

What if (if it is possible) we create a couple (two) of conversation on the same subject:

a. the first is the general discussion page;
b. the second is a factual page about the general discussion.

General discussion:
What we already have.

Factual page:
Synthetic report on the General discussion. This is different from a bug report page (Feedback) because it will holds a status on “everything” of what appears on the General page, but as facts. To get back to my example, this will have the list of “What is working” with HiDPI (all platforms) and “What is not working” (display bugs, crashing bugs, etc.) with HiDPI (all platforms).

One only have to go to one page to get the informations.
The kind souls have to send only one url with their answers to give the informations on a subject.
Paul have a source of information to update the documentation accordingly (after checking by its own the conversations facts).

One or more persons have to deals with the Factual page (IMHO).

Developers, Xojo people: what is your feeling on the subject ?

Hmmm, I understand why a facts page might be useful (especially in very long conversations), but am just wondering if the majority of conversations would need such a feature (facts page).

Wouldn’t it perhaps be simpler to just manually create a new conversation and prefix the original conversation title with something like “Facts:”. This way you can easily create a facts page for conversation, in the rare circumstances where such a facts page would be useful, without changing how things currently works.

Or move the “facts” to the documentation…

You have to be registered in a way (or another) to do that.

This all assumes you can actually extract the “facts” from a thread. There is often a lot of misinformation bandied about, so who gets the final say about what is actually fact?

Yes Tim, you are right.

I got some answer(s) - advices - that were half baked / working… more or less - so the problem still exists.

As far as I can see, I am far more impacted than the average Xojo developer on these subjects.

I got troubles two years ago to install the license I pay and was not able to compile with Xojo for a long time and never saw a satisfactory answer. [this kind of things happens to me too in real life]. The company define a way to do the things and its buyers have to guess how to do the things. Weird.

One day, weeks ago, I started to write FolderItemFI. and pressed the tab key to search in the autocomplete feature the command I had in mind to no avail. Then I wrote:

theResult = FolderItemFI.<tab>

and I get the autocomplete stuff.

the draft concept has gone somewhere in limbo.

Of course, what a crazy idea to type code that way, and honestly, I do not recall why I’vedone that (it may simply be that I wanted to check if a specific feature is availabe in FolderItem ?)

Last in the subject: did you try to access at the Language Reference without a valid project in the IDE ?
with the open front dialog selection only)

Guessing what the user want to do is a concept, but an ESP module have to be added first to get a chance to satisfy 100% of the users ;-:).

[quote=157373:@Emile Schwarz]Last in the subject: did you try to access at the Language Reference without a valid project in the IDE ?
with the open front dialog selection only)[/quote]
Just close the Project Chooser. Then the Help menu items become active and you can access the LR.

Shouldn’t have to close the Project Chooser though, should be filed as a bug…

Go for it, I never found the willpower to file this one.

I’ll verify it and feedback it when I can… I use the online help through Safari, so have never used the Help menu…