Forum is logging me out all the time

As like with the esotalk Forum in the past, i have to re-login everytime i use another browser. This is anoying.

I use this Forum on my Dev Machine in Chrome, on my business Machine in Chrome, on my iPhone and iPad in Safari and sometimes on my MacBook in Safari.

Can we please change this so that we are allowed to use more then 1 or 2 sessions at the same time? To maybe 5 or 10 ?

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I logged in in several browsers/computers and I don’t see this. I always check the option to keep me signed in, are you selecting that?

I don‘t see it too and it‘s logging me also out all the time. Using it on 3 Desktops and 2 Mobile Devices. Like it was with the esoTalk Forum before Xojo fixed it…

Sorry, when I wrote “I don’t see this” I meant “I’m not having this problem, I don’t get logged off and I can work on any device/browser I have”.

Looks like you will be logged off from all Sessions, if you log out in one Session… :confused: