Forum has the shakes

When I open some forum topics the browser sort have has cerebral palsy and shakes a couple of pixels up and down. First I tought: I’m having a senior moment with my eyes. But it just happened again. Safari on High Sierra. Takes 2-3 seconds to get quiet again.

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That’s odd. I haven’t seen that. Can you indicate a conversation where that’s happening so others can see if they can reproduce it?

I’ll post the link to the forum topic when it happens again.

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i think this happens when someone begins typing, until they stop typing (cancel it) or post the actual reply.

I just got the behaviour again at iCloud files aren't found by app . When someone is typing there is a “xxx is typing” visible.

Could you do a screen video ?

That is exactly when I see it too. What’s worse is that it says “xxx is typing” apparently for a long time, so that subsequently getting just a one-liner back instead of War and Peace is somewhat of a disappointment.

Could be simply that someone clicked and decided to do something else, leaving the editor open, which displays the “is typing” prompt forever…

I saw far worse than that:

a Topic contents disappears while I was starting to read it and it never reappears…

Going to test replying. I’ll post this reply and then I’ll leave the reply box open.

In which case they’re not typing and it shouldn’t say so.

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