Formatting a surveillance system Hard drive


My Surveillance camera system, Swann dvr8-4400 keeps rebooting, apparently the hard drive needs to be formatted, Linux.

I am unable to do it via the system, just cannot access it. So I took it out.

Is it possible to do a Linux formatting on macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6? I have the necessary connections to connect the Hard drive via USB.



You could probably do it with a linux vm in something like virtual box or parallels/fusion. I’ve not tried it myself, but if I needed to format a linux drive and just had my MBP, that’s what I would try. There are probably some existing distros already set up as VMs you could download and run without even installing the OS. The tricky part might be finding the exact format you need for that particular dvr.

Thanks Kevin,

It was the power supply to the Hard drive that was faulty, I did a workaround to power the hard drive and all is well now.

I was able to format the drive with the Swann DVR.

Thanks again.