Form Shown Event

I’ve been having a issue when I do a ExecuteJavaScript in the Form Shown event to send a request to a WebHTMLViewer iFrame which is on a Container Control this is working fine in Chrome and Safari but not in Firefox.

So I have

Form > Container Control > WebHTMLViewer

I’ve been looking at the network profiler in Chrome and Firefox and noticed one key difference, the .shown event in Chrome appears after it’s loaded a file called source.html which contains the content of my WebHTMLViewer however in Firefox the .shown event appears before the source.html.

I’ve also tried WebHTMLViewer Shown event but again it happens before the loading of source.html in Firefox.

Network Profiler data below



Is this normal behaviour?

I’m not aware of any specific framework differences which would cause these differences. If you’ll file a bug report, we’ll look at it.

Done, #34813