Forcing real names?

I go to lunch, come back and now my forum name has been changed to my real name. You win. I quit. I love Xojo and I love Xojo forums, but forcing me to use my real name for a forum is NOT OKAY with me. I have tried my best to limit my online footprint ever since the WWW came into being. Until Xojo stops being so anal about this topic, all I can say is, “Good bye. And thanks for all the fish.”

Amazed at how many people seem to be ashamed of their names. I mean it is the only thing that makes sense, since Identity Theft is not the issue here… so why the paranoia?

If they required your Social Security Number, your address or birthdate… I’d be next in line to abandon this wonderful source of information… but they aren’t, they won’t…

Visit and read the Forum Access policy

We’ve had issues where users have deliberately spoofed being another user.
This sort of abuse leads to the enforcement of the policy.