for the former lovers of Prograph

Hi there,
I used to love the abandonned programming environment Prograph. oh ogd it may be from the last century !
for the records, there is still today a clone of it named Marten
available for free here :

Have a nice 2020 year to all of you.

Not a fan of visual programming languages…

I had to use LabView (which I think is the same sort of visual programming) for a project at work many years ago… I found visual coding to be very annoying for anything they did not have canned VIs (drivers) for… While LabView was very good at instrument and control and monitoring, I found it painful for some other things, particularly string handling…

So i did as little as i could in it and then had the LabView App call a helper I coded in RB to do final data massaging, reporting and file transfer to a server.


Prograph was awesome, loved it. Is Marten getting some love now?

don’t know if Marten will still work for a long time: most recent thing I could find in the readmes is for 10.11 macos !