Food for thought - Javascript

I just stumbled across this today here

Associative arrays are Javascript’s equivalent of Xojo’s dictionaries.

In other words, the entire language is based on dictionaries.

Not that I’m suggesting that Xojo go down that path, by any means. It’s just food for thought.

sorry… bad case of food poisoning here :frowning:

I don’t think the internal structure of JavaScript implies a major difference of use of the language.

Indeed, arrays in JavaScript are closer to dictionaries because they can use anything as index, but in practice, most JavaScript listings are no so different from C or Xojo when it comes to structure.

I remember reading my first tutorial on Lua and being blown away with how its versatile data structure, the table, could do pretty much anything.

Lua is just like javascript. Except for lua being much easier than Javascript.

But Xojo can’t be compared, as Xojo is actually more flexible and better readable.

Reminds me of Forth.

Or Pick :slight_smile:

[quote=371563:@Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell]Or Pick :slight_smile:[/quote]

i used to develop on Pick OS back in 1988 to 1992. writing and maintaining financial software like personal loan, housing loan and hire purchase system.