Fonts on forms

Newbie vb6 coder very first question, and I’ve tried for ages to nut this out myself. I have started to design a form. Straight away I am stuck trying to choose a font or font size for a caption on a label!

Don’t. Let the users system decide.

But if you absolutely have to then click on the gear icon in the inspector.

It’s not so much the font type as the size. So I can’t design a form where the title is much larger than the various labels for text boxes (as I could so easily in vb6)?

OK. Got it via the gear icon as you say! Thanks

Consider the gear icon, the “advanced tab”. I agree that the font should not be on this tab.

Its more “things you shouldn’t need to tweak often”
Font is on there as each platforms guidelines suggest a std font - System & SmallSystem - which controls already use
So they’re “things you shouldn’t need to tweak often” esp if you following platform UI guidelines