Fonts in Xojo OS X

I’m using a music font Kodaly.ttf in my Xojo2013r4.1 project. I’m not a real advance user so bear with me. In Mac OS-X 10.9.1. I installed Kodaly with with Font Book App that puts in Directory : /Library/Fonts/.

When I put any control on the window it uses a default Font called System. There are certain controls where the font can be changed in the properties inspector.

There are some controls that will update the Kodaly.ttf font either in the IDE or in run time and there are some that will not update and keep the default system font

I listed the controls below for the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks that will either update the Kodaly.ttf Font or will not and default back to System Font. I tried to update the font in the inspector and by code at debug run time and get the same result. I do not have any of these problems with the same project with Xojo in windows 7.

How do I can I get these controls to update to my font?

Is there some special coding techniques to force them to work?

Is there certain specifications that the font must require before they will only work?

Please help, I’ve been stuck on this for far too long holding up the Mac OS X release of my software. (My windows release is done and working)

Controls> Carbon > Cocoa

Label >Carbon >Updates Kodaly Font | Label>Cacoa > Will not update Font

Text Field>Carbon>Updates Kodaly Font | Text Field>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Group Box>Carbon>Will not update Font | Group Box>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Radio Button>Carbon>Will not update Font | Radio Button>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Check Box>Carbon>Will not update Font | Check Box>Cocoa>Will not update Font

List Box>Carbon>Updates Kodaly Font | List Box>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Canvas>Carbon>Updates Kodaly Font | Canvas>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Popup Menu>Carbon>Will not update Font | Popup Menu>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Combo Box>Carbon>Updates Kodaly Font | Combo Box>Cocoa>Will not update Font

Cocoa requires fonts to comply with the very latest OpenType standard. Looks like your font maybe a little old and is not seen by the system the same way as original system fonts.

I downloaded the font from one of the gazillions free places and the file is from 2006. It must have an outdated encoding like many freeware fonts out there. You may need a more recent version of the font.

Sometimes, free is not that good…

Thanks for your reply Michel

I searched hi and low to find a music font willing to pay any reasonable price and even bought a few that just didn’t work for me at all. The one that finally worked best turned to be free and I even got permission to use it from the Creator by email. ( V1.02 © Y. Tomita 1997 )

Is there a place on the Apple Website that shows latest Open Type Standards for Cocoa. I have the Font Creator 6.5 Professional Application that shows all the font properties. I am by no means a Font expert. My be there is just a couple of tweks to get past the anal cocoa standards filter. Windows doesn’t give me this kind of grief. Sorry if I’m revealing my frustration level with this.

My next question does anybody know of Music fonts that do comply to latest Open Type Standards to meet the Cocoa requirements. I got a feeling I am going to be beating my head against the same old search hoops and websites if I start over.

This starting to remind me of the penguin 2.1 spam standards for the natural search.

The best place where to find informations about opentype is

Because some Windows applications are a lot more tolerant with older fonts, it may work with outdated formats. Which is not the case for the most recent Apple systems. Maverick 10.9.2 Font Book reports validation issues with Kodaly.ttf. It is a good indication that it does not comply with the standard.

I sell fonts ( and had to make sure that all my production complies. This has meant back in 2008 a complete update of all my collection. In spite of the wide perception that fonts should cost zero, because of the widespread piracy of fonts, fact remains that competent support remains necessary.

Having myself had to overcome the hurdle of new standards, I feel for you. But what you have to do is to find a reputable font house that is providing good support.

Thanks again Michel for your help this is starting to put me in the right direction, Sean Clancy told met hat he makes his own Music Fonts for his Guitar Software. If you come across a font house that has a diverse selection of Music Fonts let me know.

I really think that the ones that show up in Google Search I checked out most all of them. I really need to understand what properties make them compliant. I also need to know if a lot of purchase ones let you modify the mapping tables. Kodaly. uses # for Sharp, @ for flat, $ for natural, This can save me a lot of rewriting code.

Take Care Thank You

I can correct the font for you. Just drop me a note at