Font type and size

I’m new to XOJO compared to many so I’d like some opinions on what you think is a good type and size for laptop computers in the 15 to 17 inch size. The windows I use are approximately 1300 by 730. Also, how much BOLD do you use on a window. I’ve tried making all labels bold and seems to overwhelm the work.

If you have the time to respond I’d appreciate it. Thank you. Jim Backus

Typically I just use the default size (and un-styled) font used by the Xojo IDE. It pretty much matches up with the default size used by the operating system for any application.

If a user thinks the font is too small, then those with poor eye sight (like me) will have the default text size (or screen resolution) bumped up to compensate, affecting all the apps on their system (including your app).

If I want to make a specific control stand out from all the rest, because it is a really special/important function, then I might increase the size or bold it or change the colour. But I do that kind of thing sparingly, otherwise the app starts to look goofy and overdone.

Yeah I agree, use the defaults unless you have a reason to make something stand out, and let the user change their DPI settings and/or resolution if they want to.

That said, you can build a UI that lets the user set their own font size, but this will take some work.


at few apps i set the font size 4 mm high in the form designer.