Font Size problem using native XOJO report

Using MAC OS X 10.10.5; XOJO 2015 r3.1

Just tried a program with a native XOJO report and the font size of all the report items seems to be scaled down to about ? of what I specified (64 bit).

To test my sanity, I then tried the ListBox report example provided with XOJO - and changed the Last Name, First Name title(s) font size to 24. Ran the program and this showed the same scaling of the font size (32bit).

Any ideas?

TIA, Tony


One thing about this forum… if someone has an answer, they will provide it… (I don’t), but attempting to “bump” you topic to the top of the queue will just cause people to move on to answering other questions instead.

I don’t think many developers use the reporting tool built-in to Xojo. It might take a while for an answer.