Font awesome in desktop application


With this post I would like to ask a question about the Awesome font. Is it possible to use these icons in Xojo desktop applications? How do you add such an icon to a label, tekst field and or menu item? All modern applications have such icons applied …


windows have a tool character map, you select a font there “FontAwesome” and then copy/paste the “chars”.
in xojo you need to set the font which contains this icons.

alternativ use png icons. icons8

Those email/ password fields will need a custom control made with a container.
If you set the font of a textbox to be font awesome, all the ‘letters’ will be symbols.

The listboxes can be done by having 2 columns, and drawing in the celltextpaint events
MBS plugins have functions that let you temporarily install a font you ship, rather than making people install it before it can be used.

macOS also have this (and you can add it to the right of the MenuBar) that allows you to pick characters, including Emoji. It also holds a keyboard that displays the current character layout including the modifier keys.

For a font-based solution you could try Segoe UI Symbol. It contains a huge amount of glyphs usable in many applications. An online reference is available here.

Or you could just download the Font Awesome OpenType fonts.

Provided they are free to use in an application. :wink: