FolerItem.Name but escaped?

How can I get the escaped (ShellPath style) equivalent of FolderItem.Name?

f is a FolderItem

if f <> nil and f.Exists Then MsgBox NthField(f.ShellPath, "/", CountFields(f.ShellPath, "/")) end if

Sweet solution Axel - thank you! Much better than my clumsy method…

          for x=strlength to 1 step -1
            if mid(str(sourcefile.ShellPath), x, 1) = "/" then
              shellfilename=right(str(sourcefile.ShellPath), strlength-x)
              exit for x
            end if

Funny that you should reply actually as I’m working on a LAME mp3 converter and am getting tips from one of your excellent examples! So thanks for those too!