Folders in Classes.. (IDE)

soooooo why cant we put folders inside window classes? to organize controls? lol

or refactoring names? ^.^

Same reason you cant put a module or class inside a window
They cant contain “project items”

I think there is a feature request to make this possible somewhere in the feedback system

You can not create folders in ANY class… In there are times I would love to be able to organize properties and methods into folders in classes and modules.

Not be be confused with project folders the could make such “local” folders blue instead of yellow and onlys items from the same level of the hierarchy and item type (method, property, constant etc) as where the folder is can go in them…

But I don’t think it is ever going to happen and there are a lot bigger fish to fry.

  • karen

My heads stuck in another lang apparently. I also realize theres a way to refactor using find… obviously. still though, a way to organize controls on a window would be really cool. for now, its just naming conventions. but despite that, things can get pretty cluttered

I use lots of container controls. I’ve seen others convert all their generic labels to a control group. There are tricks to limit the Navigator clutter, but yes virtual folders would be even better.

We know that the Xojo engineers use Xojo to develop Xojo which must be one of the most complex Xojo projects and if they can be productive then we should also not have these issues.

What would be great is a “Xojo Power Users” youtube movie that focuses not on coding, but on efficiently using the product.

@Paul Lefebvre hint here - or feedback that you’ve already got this :slight_smile:

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