FolderItemDialog.Filter on Windows?

When doing a SaveAsDialog, I want to to be able to offer a default extension. I’m doing this with a FolderItemDialog.Filter, which works on a Mac, but not Windows. Briefly (with lots of missing setup code):

dim d as SaveAsDialog
d.Filter = perf.CSV // Defined as csv in the file types editor
fileName = d.ShowModal

If I execute on a Mac and enter “foo” as the file name, the file that is created is “foo.csv” as I would expect. Executing on Windows however, the file creation dialog shows “CSV format (*csv)” in the “Save as type:” portion of the file creation dialog, but if I enter “foo”, the created file is simply named “foo”, not “foo.csv”. My question is how I get Windows to actually use the provided csv extension automatically. I can always enter it by hand of course, but unless I’m missing something, it seems as if Windows should automatically append the suggested extension, especially since the code works as expected on a Mac.

Any ideas?

On windows I just put the extension in the filetypes extensions column (with the .) and that works as expected.

Ah, what a difference a dot makes. Works fine now - thanks very much!