FolderItem.Zip with WebFile and password

I’m new to the addition of FolderItem.Zip, and before I get too deep into the woods I felt it best to ask a few questions for anyone with recent experience.

Q1: Has anyone use .Zip with a WebApp and in conjunction with WebFile (download)?

Q2: Although the documentation doesn’t show it, is there a work-around for applying a password to the zip file while doing the compression?


One workaround is to read the zip file back, encrypt what’s read and save back to another file.

Does that work as a password protected ZIP though?

My idea would produce a different format (convert a zip file to an encrypted file, with whatever extension you want). But for keeping the native zip format, I don’t think it’s doable in pure Xojo code.

I appreciate the feedback thus far. In my desktop apps I’ve just been using the host OS to do the zipping/unzipping and using a password just to protect the integrity of the file, and for hiding the proprietary nature of the contents. I think I can use your first suggestion and encrypt the content, then turn the encrypted data to output at the .BIN file. Too bad the native Zip function doesn’t allow for pwd protection. I realize that many ‘locked’ zip files are easily hacked into - for the most part.

Add your thumbs-up to this issue for Zip with password.

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