FolderItem.ResourceForkLength removed too soon?


A lot of my apps need rewriting because folderitem.ResourceForkLength doesn’t compile anymore. ResourceForkLength has been removed (long ago) from Xojo, but it’s still fairly possible to have files with resource forks (e.g. ones coming from earlier systems).
This makes dealing with whole files more complex; wondering whether ResourceForkLength has been removed too early…

Do you use MBS Xojo Plugins?

folderitem.LogicalFileResLengthMBS may help.

Indeed. Don’t you remember me? ?

Thank you. I’ve already found this but wasn’t sure it was the same (especially the logical vs physical versions).
Still wondering why Xojo sometimes removes things that are still working on the OS…

Physical is in bytes for the blocks, logical in exact bytes.

Yes, I’m aware of this. What I wasn’t aware is whether ResourceForkLength returned the physical or logical version (though it’s logical that it’s logical ?).