Folderitem question

In Visual Foxpro I could get a list of file names that matched a file name skeleton parameter when using the ADIR function. Can something like this be done in XOJO or do I have to go through all the items in the folder to get what I want?

The FolderItem class doesn’t support any kind of wildcards or other search features. To find matching files you will have to go through all the items in a folder, use OS-specific APIs, or find/write a plugin that implements searching.

Like Andrew said, there is no match function built in. If you Google, there are a few examples of recursive processing to list folders/subfolders/files, then you could just take that array, match it against a regular expression and pop off any items that don’t match

Thanks, I suspected that was the case.

For Windows the Window Functionality Suit has declares to let you use Wildcards as well as iterate through a directory much faster