FolderItem, NativePath, drive question

Xojo 2020.1 on Mac OS Mojave.

Okay, I’m missing something basic. I use the “ShowSelectFolderDialog” to allow the user to select a directory which I then store in a FolderItem property and store the NativePath in a listbox.

How do I know what drive the FolderItem is on? I can’t find the drive in either the FolderItem property (in debug mode) or in the NativePath or ShellPath.

I think it only includes the volumes if it is not on the default drive

Well the NativePath will include the drive information, because when the drive is mounted it has to appear as part of the overall file system. So on macOS, a drive named “Wiggy” will show up as:


on Linux I think it’s:


Not sure on Windows, I suppose it’ll have one of these drive letters. So I suppose it’ll be:


Why do you care, anyway? Just use NativePath.

Okay, got it. The answer is that “if it’s on the default drive”.

thanks guys

On Windows, it will just be the drive letter. The volume name isn’t part of the path. Eg.,


If I browse for a file on my local / default drive the native path is /usr/name/… if it is on an external drive it is /Volumes/DriveName/…

I am on 10.14.6 using APFS and the external drive is exFat.