FolderItem.MoveFileTo & FolderItem.CopyFileTo weird Issues


Apparently I have few issues and I try to check if it’s an OS issue or XOJO issue.

In the app I have a file preview that once selected the needed pictures I import them to another destination, so it seems that for several releases for now I keep on getting issues with the Move part, it randomly leaves one or 2 files not transferred so I decided to use the following workflow.

Check if on the destination I don’t have same file ;
Check if the source exists ;
Get the Source.Length ;
Copy Source to Destination;
Get Destination.Length;
IF both match then delete Source.

All nice so far but I get same result, once file does not get deleted, so I end up with same file in Origin , same file in Destination, and they keep on importing it and creates duplicates and so on.

I did tried to see if the file is Locked by checking the status of it, no warnings but via the code the file does not want to get deleted.

I delete it manually, run the code again, and it takes another random file and does not delete it and this drives me crazy.

I will try to see if I take older versions of XOJO if it does same thing or not as it was working until recently when I start to get feedback that it does a mess .

Files are copied between folders either on user pc or on and smb mount in the same mount so not between disks or something like that.

I just hope that the project did not got corrupted or something as even XOJO is doing weird things.

For example if I copy a variable , I have Dim t As FolderItem , and I copy it from one method to another , in the new location t does not work, in the autocomplete part, but if I type it manually it works.

I will try as well to clear cache and all the rest and hope that it will get fixed, but still the folder item part with moving or copy is driving me nuts. Any ideas on this are welcomed.


OS : macOS 10.14.5 (18F203)
XOJO : 2019R1.1