FolderItem.Launch MacOS randomly working


Apparently the FolderItem.Launch issue is back and randomly working. I got since the R3 Build release a lot of customers telling me that some files are opening when Launch is invoked and some files are not launching at all .

The file opens fine and apparently there are some .pdf issues as some files are opening some are not.

Any idea how to debug this and see what is the issue and why they don’t get Launched ?

XOJO 2019R3.1 and MacOS versions from High Serra to Catalina on the issue part .

I’ll see if I can get more info but I guess it’s frustrating to see that the last version is the worst release in terms of bugs and issues , I guess 2.0 part is not quite finished .

Thanks in advance .

The command to use in the latest Xojo is FolderItem1.Open(True) (API2).

As RN said, FolderItem1.Launch is deprecated.

it is a bug (feedback://showreport?report_id=58856). Use ShowURL(FolderItem.URLPath) instead.

Thanks , the replacement works so far, hopefully they will fix it soon as it it in way to many place in my case and it will take quite a while to fix it for now

Are-you waiting for a bug squash for FolderItem.Launch ?

No, for FolderItem.Open, same issue here