FolderItem.isWriteable problem (bug?)

I think that the problem (bug?) of FolderItem.isWriteable with Windows whose result is not always correct, should either be fixed, or MUCH MORE warned with explanations and possibly with a code example allowing to workaround it.

Can you be more specific as to what bug you’re talking about? What does your code look like? Is your application trying to write to a directory it doesn’t have permission to write to? There’s really not enough information here to do anything with.

It is the problem talked here :
And which I am confronted with.
The information is not enough on this problem.
He must be solved or isWriteable must be removed or replaced by a piece of code which tests by writing a file.

This is a weird issue in Windows. Many of the system level folders are marked in the Properties by Windows as Read-only when, in effect, they aren’t. C:/Users/Public is like that. Users can create and read/write files there but can’t delete them without “Administrator” permissions. So, while it is actually readable and writeable, Windows will report it as Not Writeable and, therefore, f.IsWriteable will return False.

So, it’s better to ignore .IsWriteable (mostly) on Folders and depend on actually trying to create the Folderitem and verifying it exists. f.IsWriteable seems pretty reliable on files, however.

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Yes, now I know that.
But what I deplore is the lack of information on this problem.
Why does isWriteable still exist when it is known that its results are not reliable?
I was confronted with this problem because of the lack of information and probably others will be too.
If isWriteable is available, it should be reliable in any case.
If this is not possible, it should be removed.


Or perhaps the documentation should make it clear that, at least on Windows, isWriteable should only be used with FolderItems that refer to files.