folderitem has no count?

Hi there,

i have a folderitem() with some paths in it, no i tried this:

[code] For i As Integer = 1 To R().Count


now xojo comes up with "Type FolderItem() has no member named “count”

But when i type R(). then Xojo shows me the count property? How can i now loop through this list?

For i As Integer = 1 To R.Count

This doesn’t help, the error is the same :frowning:

when i check this for testing: msgbox R(1).NativePath it works

Does this work?

msgbox str(R.Count)

This implies R is an array of Folderitem. Maybe what you what is to loop over this array like so…

for i As integer = 0 to R.Ubound

Show us the declaration of R.

tank you @Will Shank this is it :slight_smile:

If it’s an array, you could also write:

for each f as FolderItem in R if f = nil then continue ' inaccessible file dim name as String = f.Name ' and so on... next