FolderItem : CreationDateTime

dim file as FolderItem
file = FolderItem.ShowOpenFileDialog("")
if file <> nil then
dim vDate as date
vDate = file.CreationDateTime
end if

code à copier dans un bouton pour faire le test…

quand je vérifie l’heure du fichier en question sur le Finder, j’ai pas la même heure, j’ai donc décidé ne trouvant pas de solution pour avoir l’heure exacte, de faire un calcule de décalage de x secondes, mais le problème c’est que la différence entre les fichiers est aléatoire de quelques minutes secondes, donc impossible de faire un calcule d’ajustement… je me demande si c’est un bug de Xojo ou c’est moi qui ai loupé quelque chose ? merci de m’aider si vous avez la solution

code to copy in a button to do the test…

when I check the time of the file in question on the Finder, I don’t have the same time, so I decided not to find a solution to get the exact time, to make a x seconds lag calculation, but the problem is that the difference between files is random of a few seconds seconds, so impossible to make an adjustment calculation… I wonder if it’s a Xojo bug or I missed something? thank you for helping me if you have the solution

Which version of Xojuo are you using ?

This item [date] was deprecated in version 2019r2.
Please use DateTime as a replacement

I wonder if using datetime for VDate would work.

Oh, looking at the contents of VDate in the debugger, do you get the same value as provided by the Finder

I’m using the latest version of Xojo…

with datetime I get the same result as with date…

if I do: Messagebox(file.CreationDateTime.ToString)

i have the same problem, a lag of about 50 minutes

whatever the way the file time has the same error at the second loan, but if I change the file the lag isn’t the same as the second loan… it’s a Xojo bug?

I have the same issue, and I have another trouble with date :
Maybe you should feel a bug report or add it to mine.

Yeah, so it’s a bug,

i don’t know how to make a feedback for Xojo

and the link you gave me cannot be opened by Safari

i made a report to the technical support…

You have to launch the application Feedback after downloaded it here
The link I gave should open my report in this application.

okay, thanks, I’ll report this bug, but I think I’m gonna make a new feedback I’ll see…

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