FolderItem.CreationDate Issues on Linux

Hello guys,

Is there a way to get accurate CreationDate on Linux ? so far I scanned my files and based on console the files have accurate date when I do an ls -lsah , in my example I get CreationDate as 22 Oct 2019 which is the correct one while if I get FolderItem.CreationDate via XOJO, I get it as date 2022-09-02 which is nowhere near the date I have on Linux.

Any idea how those things work ? I rely heavily on the dates for data accuracy and this messes up the whole process .

Thanks a lot.

Latest XOJO 2022R4.1
Debian 9.13 OS

try to use creationdatetime instead of creationdate ?

CreationDate is deprecated, use CreationDateTime instead, you wouldn’t know it though because the documentation mentions that you should use CreationDate all over the place.

Hello guys, sorry, I guess It was a typo , my code it is already using that

row.Column("creationDate").DateTimeValue = nFile.CreationDateTime

And same result unfortunately.

what do you get as a stringvalue instead of a datetimevaliue ?
then convert the string to a date .

is the error really coming from the folderitem, or from the databaserecord ?

Well I did more tests and I think XOJO messed up the dates,

So far I added all the options on the tests and it seems that :slight_smile:

row.Column(“creationDate”).DateTimeValue = nFile.CreationDateTime - gives 2022-09-02 20:41:30
row.Column(“modificationDate”).DateTimeValue = nFile.ModificationDateTime- gives “2016-09-10 09:47:01” which seems to be the proper date .

@Xojo could you please have a look on this, I believe those are reversed, at least on Linux.

Just opened a case, hopefully it will get fixed fast #72128


This is what I see, it does look the wrong way around:

What is the actual creation date on the file. Is that wrong too?


A screenshot showing the full file info.

atime is the last accessed time, which updates when the file contents are read through commands such as cat and grep or by an application.

mtime is the last modification time, which updates when you change the contents of a file.

ctime is the last change time, which updates when the file’s properties (i.e. permissions, name, location) change.

crtime is the creation time, which doesn’t update.