FolderItem.Count slow on 10.9?

I have a suspicion that FolderItem.Count - just the call - is slower on OSX 10.9. All I want is the amount of objects in the folder, I"m not enumerating them or anything.

I’m using REAL 2011r3, so perhaps that factors into things. Is there an alternative, like something in MBS?

Just to ask ahead:

MBS says “The count property of the REALbasic folderitem class is cached. If you need a more up to date value, you can use the CountMBS function to return the value the Mac OS system software returns.”

Christian, would you say CountMBS is faster on 10.9 using the latest MBS than REAL2011r3 which may be using the old FSxxx routines which may be slowed down in 10.9? Are you using the non-deprecated OSX functions in the latest MBS?

If you care, please measure.

CountMBS was never made on speed. For me count property is even faster here than CountMBS.


it also may be because of your hard disk.

Check the time on other machine(s) for better values.

Well put.

It’s on another persons machine, so I sent him a build with additional logging checking timing, and sorry for the false alarm - it isn’t Count but the call to FolderItem.IconImageMBS. I’ll drop this thread and move it to your MBS list.