folderitem.count bug


it’s crazy…

[code]dim f as folderitem
f = GetFolderItem("/Volumes/Extras/myfolder.framework", FolderItem.PathTypeShell)

dim i as integer = f.count

if the folder name ends with “.framework”, the count returns 1

note1: Xojo2017r3, MacOS 10.13.4
note2: i didn’t try with other folder extension.
note3: feedback it’s not accepting my credentials…

Bear in mind that some files may look to you as if they are a single file, but for macOS they are in fact a “bundle” (where a bundle is a special type of folder). “.APP” is an example of this as well

yes, i know.

but “.app” or “.framework” it’s still a folder.

on my app, it copied only ONE file inside this folder “.framework”. So, the app knows it’s a folder, i can navigate inside it. but it tells me there is only ONE file/folder inside of it. And it’s not true!

i’ll apreciate if fix this as fast as the light speed!

you just contradicted yourself

so why do you think that ONE is incorrect?

I doubt seriously this is a “bug”… since a “bug” of this type would have raised red flags long ago

I created /Users/me/test.framework (folder)
Ran the code and i = 0.
Then copied 2 files to that folder
Ran the code and i = 2.

MacOS 10.12.6, Xojo2017r3

Don’t have 10.13.4 to test

Don’t ask me how, but worked again…

I tested about 10 times before create this conversation!

I’ll try to reproduce the problem.

Thank you.