FolderItem: Access to a sandbox folder from a not sandbox application

I would have access to a folder from a sandbox application ~/Library/Containers/de.pps4me.MyApplication/Data/Library/Application Support/MyApplication from a non sandbox application. Always a get NIL, when I would use the complete path. Only this path is accessible “~/Library/Containers”.

Dim ALMCFolder as Folderitem
ALMCFolder = SpecialFolder.Library.Child(“Containers”).Child(“de.pps4me.MyApplication”)
msgbox "Folder: " + ALMCFolder .NativePath

Debug info:
ErrorNumber: 0

This is the solution:

dim Home as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.UserHome
dim ALMCFolder as Folderitem
ALMCFolder = GetFolderItem(Home.NativePath + “/Library/Containers/de.pps4me.MyApplication/Data/Library/Application Support/MyApplication”, 1)
msgbox "Folder: " + ALMCFolder .NativePath