Folder in the Contents column

it is possible to create a folder in the left column (Contents) in which, I presume, storing items.
I created one to collect the different images of my app but it seems they are not retrieved.
How do you refer to them in the code?
Do you simply refer to them as g.DrawPicture.Image (…) or as g.DrawPicture.Folder.Image (…)?

What am I missing?

Thank you

Hi @Armando_SORBI,

what columns are you talking about? Which control do you use?

Please provide detailed info, then we can possibly help.

If you drag an image called MYPIC.JPG into the project, you refer to it like

g.drawpicture MYPICT, 0,0...

even if you create folders in the contents column.

If you want the resources to be in sub folders, you probably need to drag actual folders into the resources as a build step, and the use specialfolders.resource children to get at them at run time.

It seems to work.
What happened before might have been a momentary glitch.

Thank you