Focusring on Windows10

I have a single-window-app with several controls (table, groupbox) that can each receive focus.
It works fine on a Mac and the focusring forms a clear indication of which control has the focus.
However running the program under Windows 10 there is no focusring visible (while is does all seem to work).
Is this normal?

Under Windows, focus ring is extremely discrete. Just a narrow blue line.

this is true for the textfields,
but the listbox and groupbox don’t even get that

None of those are native controls, so it is NOT a “windows thing”, Xojo draws this custom controls as they see fit.

But groupbox is a container, the focus should be in the controls inside of it, not in the container.

Same for listbox, the focus should be in one or many cells, not in the control itself. For this control, you can use the CellBackgroundPaint event to draw whatever you want.

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Have it all working now using the paint event of the window to draw a custom focusring around mainWindow.focus.


That is a good idea. With that, you can also draw the focus ring around table and groupbox in window.paint

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