fn-bottom arrow renter a Cell in Edit mode !

I was online and the application crashed (NilObjectException I think) when I wanted to display the end of the ListBox contents using fn-bottom arrow.

The code below enter in Cell edit mode (in Selected Row, Column2) if I press fn-bottom arrow. I need to have a selected Row, but any selected Row gaves me the same results.

[code]Function KeyDown(Key As String) As Boolean
// Allows to Edit the selected Row with Enter or Return pressed keys
Dim SelRow As Integer // To hold the selected Row #

// Do nothing if no Row is selected
If LB.SelCount < 1 Then
Return False
End If

// Get the selected Row #
SelRow = LB.ListIndex

If (Key = Chr(4) Or Key = Chr(13)) Then
// Edit the selected Row (or the lowest Row value if more than 1)
Me.EditCell(SelRow, 1)

// I handled these characters: Enter or Return
Return True

End If
End Function
Any idea ? (I’m at short of idea to test things).

Oh… Nothing strange happens when I press fn-Left, top or right arrow, I only get what I want.

BTW: If I remove Return True, I get a beep (and the same awaited result). [read my next Conversation for more on that].
Remember: I usually set the sound off, so my ass moved from the chair when one occured: think if this happens to you at 2:00 of the morning and the reaction of you wife (husband) and kids… Weird.