Floating Palettes do not show Library in a new installation of 2016r2

I just built up a new Mac Pro and installed 2016r2. After setting the preferences to use floating palettes for the Inspector / Library palettes, I’ve discovered that the Library palette never appears.


huh … we had that in one of the betas but fixed it … seems its reappeared
pretty sure I know what it is

Yes - I remember that too, but thought that it was just my old MBP with 8 different versions of RS / Xojo installed…

Can you tell me what the com.xojo.xojo.plist has for
Floating Library Rect

The only “Floating” entries in my copy are:

  "Code Editor Floating Point Numbers Color" => "&h00006532"
  "Floating Properties Palette" => 1
  "Floating Inspector Rect" => "1,23,300,516"

Okay, now that I’ve run 16r2 and had my palettes set to floating, I’m seeing the same problem back in 16r1.1.

I’ve deleted com.xojo.xojo.plist and had to reset my preferences, but I still can no longer open the Library palette in 16r1.1 if they are floating.

deleting the plist isn’t “deleting preferences”

they get cached by the preferences caching daemon

But, deleting the plist made me walk through the setup as if it was a first-time installation.

What else do I need to delete?

the “floating palettes bug” probably exists for a few versions back :frowning:
I checked r1 and 1.1 and the same bug exists there as far as I can tell
not sure if logging out & back in restarts the cfprefsd or not
it might as it does look to be per user

If I go back to 13r3.3 and reset my IDE layout, and then open 16r2, 16r2 retains the layout I use.