Flight booked

So I booked my flight for XDC. Exciting.
I redeemed my miles once again for a cheaper flight :slight_smile:

But it’s Dallas. Someone interested in a ride from Dallas to Houston and back?
I’ll drive the I45 down.

EEEK! Why DFW airport? Could you not fly from your airport in Germany to Houston with a change? It is at least another 4 hours (240 miles) of commute time for you, on an already long trip.

I live in Dallas, and given the short distance to Houston I considered going, but not for $900. I use XOJO for hobby projects, so paying $900 is $900 out of my personal bank account.

A couple of options, for the brave - they run a Greyhound and a Megabus service between Dallas and Houston. When I first moved here from England I took a Greyhound from College Station to Dallas, thinking it would be like the movies, romantic. It wasn’t. Bubble burst lol.

the business class flight to Dallas was just 500 Euro + 55000 Miles. That is cheaper than economy.
And for the saving I can easily spend a few days in Dallas, too.

Lots to see in Dallas


http://attstadium.com - Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowboys that weekend; who cares about the game, watch the Dallas Cowgirls http://www.dallascowboys.com/cheerleaders/home
http://www.fortworthstockyards.org - there is a rodeo every Friday and Saturday night http://stockyardsrodeo.com
If you get a little homesick - http://www.dallasgoethecenter.org

Thank you.
We may also setup a pre XDC Xojo meeting in Dallas if you guys like. :slight_smile: