Flickering interface in Yosemite

Every since up(?)grading to Yosemite on my Mac, all of my Xojo apps have acquired an annoying flickering when doing anything interactive of the interface (e.g., that might trigger a canvas1.invalidate) whereas previously they worked just fine with no flickering at all. EraseBackground is turned off and it seems to make no difference whether I use DoubleBuffer, transparent or not. The flickering extends beyond the Canvas to other interface elements.The Xojo IDE itself also displays some of the same behavior from time to time in Yosemite. Is this a problem with Yosemite, with Xojo, or is there any easy fix that I should be aware of and am not. The latter is extremely possible!

I think this is a Yosemite bug. I have this too, but only after some time after system reboot and not only with Xojo. Some menu icons – iStat menus for example – develop this behavior too, and after a few days of running it’s almost system-wide. Has gotten better from the first release and I don’t have to restart more than once a week.

It is.

yup, i’m seeing this too, specifically in things like scrollbars that I am forcing a refresh of periodically during long loading times and such like that. It didn’t do that in 10.9 or EVER before.

Yosemite is a stinking pile. I’ve not missed an OS update since 7.5.1, but I’ve skipped 10.10, 10.10.1 and so far 10.10.2 does;t fix a single issue with my test machine.

Wi-fi simply vanishing is the worst! I’ve never had to restart a machine so much since Windows XP.

I wonder if I might just skip 10.10 altogether, shame because I was really looking forward to using some of the new features in my code.

I’m still trying to find a way to hack a 10.9 install so that it can be installed on a 5K iMac… Yosemite has broken far more than WiFi :S

I’ve been getting some reports of the save dialogs not working!

NEW ISSUE ALERT - It looks like under some circumstances, showModal with a open/save dialog can lock up, preventing the user from selecting a file and freezing the application. I’m investigating it further, but all I can tell so far is if I switch over to using a NSSavePanel with a delegate everything works fine.

So yes Yosemite is the most broken OS release I’ve ever come across.

Oh and I’m so jealous, as I would love a 5k iMac, except they’re not officially available here in Taiwan (you can get one, but pay through the nose and no warranty). But yeah Yosemite is eating away at my excitement about getting one.

Just experienced Apple Mail stealing the focus from the frontmost app continuously. Hey, don’t say the bugs are boring!

There’s no boring bugs at The Bug! :stuck_out_tongue:
haha…bad Albin, bad…