Fixing login problems with Feedback 2018r1.1

After migrating to a new macOS computer, I’d been unable to use Feedback for over a week. I tried deleting preferences files, etc.

I just stumbled upon a solution:

  • Open Feedback, OK all the error dialogs
  • Intentionally try to log in in with the wrong password. OK the error message
  • Log in again using the correct password.

If you are having Feedback problems, I suggest you give this a try.

I encountered this too. I’m using Feedback 2018r1.1 and could not log in. My password was correct, which I verified by logging in to the Xojo web site.

I bumped into this post and gave it a go. Typed ‘123’ for my password, attempted the log-in, then typed the correct password and lo and behold, now the log-in succeeded.

Once is coincidence, twice is…uh…happenstance? Since it’s not just me I reported it as a bug: